Has your car recently stalled for no reason? Perhaps your car isn't even turning on due to a faulty ignition switch. Most of the time these issues are covered under warranty. If it's a manufacturer's defect, then you could also have your ignition system replaced. If you're not sure what's causing the issue, here are a few things to look for first.

Your lights are a big indicator of what's going on. If your lights come on, but the engine doesn't turn over, then you could have a starter issue. However, if the ignition turns and lights flicker but the engine never turns over, you could have an ignition problem or a dying battery.

The best way to check for these issues is to talk to a professional. Mechanics can run diagnostics and test out your ignition to see what's causing the issue. It could just be that you need a new key! Want to get service quickly? Visit Diffee Ford in El Reno, OK to get the best rates.



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