The battery in your vehicle is a vital component, without which your vehicle would not start. In addition to starting your vehicle, the battery also helps to energize your devices and accessories. As such, it pays to keep an eye on the performance of your battery and the individual cells that comprise it.

Battery testing is a quick and reliable way to monitor your battery health. Battery load testing makes use of digital or analog voltmeters to test the voltage levels of your battery, and you can test your own battery with the right equipment.

To give your battery a basic test, make sure that your ignition and lights are off. Then, connect the positive voltmeter lead to the positive battery terminal. Next, attach the negative lead to the negative terminal.

If all your connections are tight, your meter should be displaying a set of numbers followed by a decimal point. This is your battery's voltage, and it should register at least 12.4-volts at a minimum.

While this metric can give you basic information about your battery health, professional quality equipment can give you details about your entire electrical system. At our service center, located in El Reno, OK, our skilled and certified electrical system experts can give your battery a more detailed test. For a fast and no-obligation conversation, come by Diffee Ford today.

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