Let Us Clear up the Confusion: Understeering and Oversteering

The moment you lose control of your vehicle can be terrifying. It’s important to know what causes it in order to understand how to avoid a similar situation in the future. Understeering and oversteering are two common reasons drivers lose control. But what is the difference? We at Diffee Ford are here to explain it to you.

If your vehicle has front-wheel-drive then it has a propensity to understeer. This causes the car to make too wide of a turn and often leads to it running completely off the road. Turning the wheel too far too fast produces this effect. Also, if the driver accelerates too soon during a turn the weight proportion will move to the rear end and result in understeering.

If your vehicle has rear-wheel-drive it will tend to oversteer, which means it will turn too sharply and spin. This most commonly happens if the vehicle loses traction in the rear which overpowers the front and causes oversteering.


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