Get a Mustang that Matches Your Mood

When driving a sports car, you have to deal with a lot. People might give you dirty looks for driving something so flashy, or heads might turn when your engine roars out of a parking lot. That's why audio engineers at Ford have been working on perfecting an exhaust system with adjustable acoustics, so that you can fine-tune the way your Mustang sounds.

With this system, you can simply press a button and quiet your vehicle down. Alternatively, you can rev the engine and make everyone turn and whistle. The Mustang has a distinctive voice - now you can control that aspect of the vehicle as well. This helps in any situation where you don't want to draw attention to yourself - not to mention the situations where you want all the attention you can get.

If you want to see this exhaust system in action, then come by Diffee Ford. We'd be happy to show you how it all works, plus hook you up with a test drive while you're around. After all, you may as well drive the thing while you're listening.


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