The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Is Redesigned Comfort

Do you routinely find yourself trying to cram your family into your vehicle for long car rides? This can be the epitome of discomfort, which is the number one buzzkill of any long road trip. That's where the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon comes in. This vehicle is jam-packed with comfort features to ensure you'll arrive to your destination well-rested and bright-eyed.

The 15-seat passenger wagon comes with padded seats to guarantee comfort, which can also be manually reclined. These seats feature a redesigned material guaranteed to make everyone feel nice and relaxed. The wagon also features a plethora of USB ports, so everyone will be able to easily charge their electronic devices.

If the Passenger Wagon sounds like it might be for you, then come pay us a visit at Diffee Ford. We'd be glad to set you up with a test drive, so that you can fully feel out the vehicle before making any final decisions.


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