Our dealership has seen many of the models automakers introduce. Now, we get to introduce the Ford Taurus, which is one of the automaker's most popular full-sized sedans. It's got a lot going for it, like some of the following interior features.

Adjustable Pedals

One feature that is pretty special and practical is the adjustable pedals. This feature makes it easier to press the pedal. This can be helpful when you feel the pedals are too far to the ground. Better control gives you a chance to be a better driver.

Heated Wheel

For those cold days, Ford put a heated wheel inside your Taurus. This little feature can make your ride more comfortable for you or anyone else who is driving. Plus, you know that a little heat actually stimulates blood circulation, and that's a perk worth keeping.

These are just some interior features that we think you'd like. Of course, there are other features, but we want you to come check them out when you take a test drive.



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